The Country School Journal, sponsored by the Country School Association of America (CSAA), is a peer-reviewed, online, annual publication that includes interdisciplinary, open-access articles, curriculum, reviews, and icons. Its audience consists of people who wish to preserve country schools, disseminate scholarship about these schools, create and/or maintain the schools as museums, promote living history programs, and enable people of all ages to explore country schooling as practiced in the past and present. 

ISSN 2376-9106


  • Dr.  Pam Stover, University of Toledo, Ohio

Editorial board:

  • Lynn Burlbaw, Texas A & M University
  • David L. Burton, University of Missouri
  • Mark Dewalt, Winthrop University
  • Susan Fineman, District #1 School (Nashua, NH)
  • Veronica I. Ent, St. Vincent College
  • Gerald Gutek, Loyola University
  • Linda O'Neill, Northern Illinois University
  • Dennis D. Picard, Storrowton Village Museum (W. Springfield, MA)
  • William L. Sherman, Preservationist (Des Moines, IA)
  • Nicholas J. Shudak, Wayne State College
  • Susan Webb, The Traveling Schoolmarm (Birmingham, AL)

Articles are invited that deal with a range of issues and questions, for example:

  • teaching or attending one or more country schools during a specific era
  • educational technologies used in country schools
  • the history of a country school
  • the biography of a country schoolteacher
  • a book or film review about country schooling

Curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • research methods for discovering the history of a school and its teachers to be used in lesson development
  • plans for a public school or family visit to a country school
  • script for a re-enactor in a country school
  • cooperative efforts to tie a country school visit to the curriculum of a local public or private school

Book or video reviews, poetry, icons, and family histories as related to one or more country schools are also encouraged. Links to videos are provided.

For more information on evaluation criteria and submission guidelines access links below:


Evaluation criteria for articles

Evaluation Rubric for Country Schools Curriculum